June 30th, 2022

In our inaugural two seasons Refraction staged over 10 events worldwide—inviting thousands to experience what our DAO is building— collected 100+ works, and welcomed more than 1000 community members. Of this number, upwards of 500 were practicing artists and musicians

Through our latest funding snapshot for Season 02 and 03, RefractionDAO will continue our ongoing programming, collections, and commissions through our curatorial team, while also opening up a Creative Grants program through a worldwide open call.

"A major learning from Seasons 00 and 01 is that Refraction is a purpose-based DAO, with a clear focus on our artists, events, and programming across our extended community.

Extensive projects developed in Seasons 00 and 01 will be released during the next two seasons. The team has been busy working on a Metaverse performance and exhibition space, as well as an editorial platform, that will feature writing, radio, NFT drops, and DAO-based content. Our editorial theme for Season 02 will be "minted chaos", reflecting the reality of the rapidly-evolving space that we all live in. Season 03 will culminate with our most extensive initiative to date, a two-day festival during Art Basel Miami / Miami Art Week.

May 11th, 2022

Building on our model of a decentralized curatorial framework, RefractionDAO has used Web3 as a means to propel art and culture forward, envisioning and executing a new form of festival.

Refraction’s Season 0 has come to a close and we’re now moving as a collective into Season 01. The ability to progress and move forward as a DAO is a direct result of the  success of our Season 0 NFT drop. Incorporating the works of eight digital artists of the highest caliber, we were able to design a bespoke pass and generate unique access to our community, with a view towards future utility. This NFT bundle, which also included all seven works from the artists, comes with a set of utilities that give holders new ways to experience the artist-run IRL<>URL world we are creating. Holders may now access all Refraction Events throughout the rest of Season 0 and 01, plus all areas of the Refraction Platform (currently being built out). They also have an automatic spot on greenlists for all upcoming Refraction NFT drops.

Refraction Season 0 NFT - art: Yoshi Sodeoka
Refraction Season 0 NFT - art: Yoshi Sodeoka

We’re incredibly grateful to Dina Chang and Tim Saccenti (Setta Studio), Claire Silver, Ellie Pritts, p1xelfool, Yoshi Sodeoka, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, and Linda Dounia. Without the help of these artists from across the globe, this drop and the completion of Refraction Season 0 would not have been possible. A massive shout also goes out to all of the community — which now extends to over 800 artists, collectors, curators, and team members, as well as those who minted the NFT.

February 14th, 2022

RefractionDAO is working toward employing a decentralized curatorial structure built on a framework of shared principles and understandings.

Our mission is to raise voices of both emerging and established artists that speak to Refraction’s greater ethos and goals. At the forefront is our broad network of artists, creatives, activists, partners, and industry leaders who embrace the beliefs articulated in our Mirror posts, Manifesto, and DAO membership principles.

RefractionDAO is a decentralized global creative community. We are focused on moving culture forward through collectively reimagining live experiences, installations, and the visual arts in the physical world and open metaverse. Our foundational tenets are to redistribute economic upside back to creators, enable collective ownership, and foster new models of organization. Diversity is core to our ethos with programming that will always reflect this.

November 11th, 2021

Refraction’s first project is NFT Culture Proof, a collaboration with Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern. They use this historical moment to have us literally write, and re-write, a web3-native framework for storytelling and discourse. It’s an ideal launching point of collaboration for our DAO and Refraction Festival.

NFT Culture Proof is a landmark large-scale collaborative project that actively explores the expansive potential for the Blockchain as a medium of performance. For 32 days, participants contribute to a stream of live but immutable on-chain text, producing crypto-native SVG snapshots of collective dialog and storytelling.

Inspired by the practice of daily participation explored in On Kawara's Date Paintings, it also builds on pioneering text-based Blockchain projects - referencing the storytelling and collaboration of Loot, on-chain text generated NFT images of Token Equals Text, code-based on-chain generated NFTs of Art Blocks, and collective writing and image-based art of Untitled Frontier.

November 1st, 2021

We are a decentralized global creative community of artists, curators, technicians, and fans focused on moving the culture forward through collectively reimagining live experiences in the physical world and in the open metaverse. Our cornerstone is Refraction Festival, a month-long fully on-chain IRL<->URL project featuring musical performances and art installations in over ten cities across five continents.

The history of underground music and art is the story of community, resistance and resourcefulness. From the predominantly LGBTQ+, African American, and Latinx communities that propelled the Chicago house and New York disco/garage movements, to the defiant introspective aggression of DC hardcore, the mechanistic afrofuturism of Detroit techno, and the four pillars of Hip Hop — each were fuelled by people interconnected through shared beliefs, identity, and a vision of what should be.

Simultaneously across the globe similar youth movements found a voice — equal parts camaraderie, expression, and rejection of the status quo.

Paradise Garage, New York, 1979.
Paradise Garage, New York, 1979.