Refraction S02 - Community

In our inaugural two seasons Refraction staged over 10 events worldwide—inviting thousands to experience what our DAO is building— collected 100+ works, and welcomed more than 1000 community members. Of this number, upwards of 500 were practicing artists and musicians

Through our latest funding snapshot for Season 02 and 03, RefractionDAO will continue our ongoing programming, collections, and commissions through our curatorial team, while also opening up a Creative Grants program through a worldwide open call.

"A major learning from Seasons 00 and 01 is that Refraction is a purpose-based DAO, with a clear focus on our artists, events, and programming across our extended community.

Extensive projects developed in Seasons 00 and 01 will be released during the next two seasons. The team has been busy working on a Metaverse performance and exhibition space, as well as an editorial platform, that will feature writing, radio, NFT drops, and DAO-based content. Our editorial theme for Season 02 will be "minted chaos", reflecting the reality of the rapidly-evolving space that we all live in. Season 03 will culminate with our most extensive initiative to date, a two-day festival during Art Basel Miami / Miami Art Week.

Our core contributors have also cultivated the The Creative Grants program, which we believe will continue to grow our artist-run community.

Creative Grants will recognize areas including events, editorial, curatorial programs, radio, exhibitions, metaverse, discourse, artwork, drops, and other proposals relative to the DAOs Mission and Programming.

We will be developing a Creative Grants template / FAQ  so that applicants can best put together relevant proposals for each area.

Throughout our first two seasons, we have learned so much from our community, artists, and partners about what is important for Refraction. Through the next two, we look forward to seeing what ideas and concepts emerge as we expand even further.

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